“Bringing people and knowledge together…”

There’s no need to discard or defenestrate what has benefited us exceptionally in the past. The most momentous skill we can develop in the 21st century kids is the same one that had aided them well in the days of yore, i.e., a mind equipped to think, and sharing of those thoughts to bring people and communities together.

Evidences after years of research reflect that early learning experiences are linked with later school grades, emotional and social well-being, lesser retentions, and reduced cases of juvenile delinquency. Not only should children learn civic knowledge, but they also need to master civic skills, which include respecting others, working as team, being fair and just, and an active participant in the making of the community.

The purpose of education is to support children in developing the knowledge and its disposition. They have to be groomed to be happy and responsible citizens and contribute to the well-being of the community. Well-structured standards for desired outcomes, curriculum content, values substantially integrated into school books and educational material, and teacher preparation, help establish clarity of purpose and a shared vision for early literacy education.


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