“Turning mirrors into windows…”

In classrooms having children with different reflexes, it becomes essential to give every child the liberty of learning at an individual pace besides avoiding strictly structured schedules. Education reveals a sense of self-fulfilment and also helps us evolve to think logically. Merely acquiring textual wisdom from books to earn a livelihood could be a part of education, but it is not all what education aims for.

Education is such a means that prompts us to see what we are supposed to see. When we gaze into a mirror, the only thing we see is our reflection with a limited area around us. However, but when we look at a window, the view can be almost endless… That’s what we at Elegant aim for – to turn mirrors into windows!

We believe that the paramount importance of education is that it should imbibe in us the nitty-gritties of life.

Mirrors turning into windows, is a steady and sure process. A mirror helps us to see what we do and, at the same, time acts as a hindrance in foreseeing the future. Windows, on the other hand help us to see what we are not aware of and has a catalytic approach. In simple words, windows expand our horizons and ability to look beyond our thinking. Education has and will turn mirrors into windows.


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