Message from the director’s desk..

Achal Agrawal & Tushar Bansal

The availability of and accessibility to information anywhere and everywhere has impacted lives of 21st century children both positively and negatively.

Multimedia fluidity in the lives of students expects a parallel level of technology opportunity in their academic lives. They feel disconnected if the way they live and the way they learn do not coordinate. To propel their interest in coming to school and admiring education demands motivating, supportive instructional environments, engaging content, and the opportunity to learn in settings that support collaboration with peers, teachers, and the larger world community. The gaps need to be filled…!!!

At Elegant, the nucleus of all our endeavors is to fill those gaps that often freeze the teaching-learning exchange, and shall continue to do so!


“Now two or three times a year (especially after Christmas) my family shops on
the Bookshelf – it’s a tradition!”

Nathan Burns

“I found what I needed and the prices are super low, and the books arrived in a timely manner.
Keep up the great work!”


“Thank you for all your help and assistance over the years! I would have no hesitation
in recommending you to my friends.”

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