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Twilight and Mishika are mind blowing language books. I am truely happy to add them to my school curriculum!!


Your Social Science books have helped me a lot in developing interest for the subject in my students !!!


I was so proud to see my daughter enjoying her schooling since her school came up with GIGGLES. Your books are truely amazing!


I had a student ask me to sit and write with him – a student who had previously been brought to tears by writing because he just couldn’t figure out the letters in front of him. I am so relieved to have these as a resource. I can’t thank you enough!


Great for your elementary-aged visual learner! Your child will remember each number by a variety of methods — recognizing patterns, kinesthetic with shapes, games, stories, visually imprinting, and finally symbolic. These methods then translate into addition and subtraction, in a very unique way.


I wish I had ordered your Math Axis years ago. Well worth every penny! Used it as a refresher for my 7th grader, and to help my 4th grader who was having trouble remembering facts for longer than a week. She now understands multiplication, and since division is taught at the same time, she no longer cries at the thought of it!

Nathan Burns

Since discovering the wonderfully effective and fun method in GIGGLES, every student who previously fiddled with learning and retaining the high frequency words, is now filled with joy coming back to school the other day readily answering things and showing interest in exploring further. The added understanding of the sign language make kids more empathetic besides enhancing their fine motor skills.


Love!!! I’m a Kindergarten teacher and these books are terrific for my struggling readers and English Learners. The picture cues, the rhythmic follow up really helps students attach meaning to the sight word and improves recall and long term retention. The learning of the formation of the letters of English and Hindi alphabets become so swift and smooth. I was so pleased that I purchased Step 1, 2, and 3 as well. Highly recommend!


The books published by Elegant are great! I tutor a bright six-year-old with some Auditory Processing Problems. We go over and over the sounds and he is always surprised when we make these little books and he finds out that he can read!! I wish you could see his face!

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